Friday, May 24, 2013

The Magic Wand in Photoshop - New or Improved Skill Day 24

feather being processed in Photoshop

I'm a big fan of the pen tool and sometimes I forget there are easier ways to make a mask. I dislike the remnants that you can have on the edge but sometimes things are fine being good enough.

This pretty feather is from the Graphics Fairy. White backgrounds are easy to select and there's so much contrast the Magic Wand is an almost perfect choice. You click on the tool, set your tolerance, make sure anti-alias and contiguous are checked. To capture the image you press command c on the keyboard and command v to paste it on a new layer.
feather outline

There's one slight catch, if you don't do an additional step you capture the outside of the feather. Click Select > Inverse, the command c.

feather being processed in Photoshop

I have the feather pasted to a transparent layer; to preserve the transparency you want to save the image as a png.



I pasted the feather on a background that was chosen with the color picker using the colors found in the feather.

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  1. I'm learning about photoshop and your tutorialis very useful!Thank you