Friday, May 31, 2013

Fake Wood Grain With Photoshop Fibers Filter - New or Improved Skill Day 31

wood grain

Sometimes you need a wood background, this one is very simple to make.

Go to the Foreground swatch in the Tools Palette. Choose a dark brown. Mine is #703605
Go to the Background swatch in the Tools Palette. Choose a lighter brown. Mine is #905d05.

Open a new file.
Filter > Render > Fibers. Variance 4 and a Strength 3. Randomize.

Duplicate the layer. Command j.
Filter > Render > Fibers. Variance 23 and a Strength 22. Randomize.
Blending Mode Soft Light.

To make a more realistic grain Merge the two layers.
Filter > Liquify. Brush size 60, brush density 50, brush pressure 100, brush rate 80.
Use the Twirl (looks like a hurricane weather map image) and Turbulence (looks like wavy lines) tools to further simulate grain. Change the brush size for variation.

wood grain

wood grain

photoshop liquify screen shot

wood grain

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