Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Infrared Type Photo Effect in Photoshop - New or Improved Skill Day 22

Infrared type photo of cow in long grass

I found a fun tutorial for faking infrared photography in Photoshop at PhotoshopEssentials.

cow in long grass

This cow was so funny. Whenever any other cows came close it would run away or head butt them to encourage the others to leave. I liked the creepy way she stared at you.

My notes so I don't forget what the heck I did.

Place image. Command j to duplicate it. Name new layer "infrared".

Channels palette. Select the green channel. Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur 13 pixels. The tutorial called for less but my photo file is huge and it took more to make it sufficiently blurry. OK.

Infrared layer - change Blend Mode to Screen.

Adjustment Layer choose Channel Mixer. Output channel grey. Source channels -50 for red, +200 for green, -50 for blue. Monochrome should be checked. OK. The image should look pretty washed out and ghostly.

Infrared layer, change opacity to 35%.

New Layer, name it "grain". Press D to reset foreground/background colors. Command + Delete to fill the layer with white. Filter > Noise > Add Noise. Amount 20%. Uniform. Monochromatic.
Change the Blend Mode to Multiply. You might need to lower the opacity if the grain is too prominent.

Duplicate the original background layer. Command j. Name it "colorize".

Drag the layer up between the Channel Mixer and the "grain" layer. The layers should be in the following order - grain, colorize, channel mixer, infrared, background.
Change the blend mode of the "colorize" layer to Overlay and the Opacity to 50%.

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