Saturday, February 23, 2013

Updating 1970s Era Bathroom Stock Cabinets Day 23 Feng Shui

bathroom cabinets before

The upstairs bathroom has homely, dated cabinets that needed refinishing. The photo makes them look much worse than they were but I have to admit they looked dreadful.

I was torn between removing the cabinets or refinishing them in the spring but went for option C, paint.

bathroom cabinet drawer before

I removed the hardware, and scrubbed them with my sure fire combo, Palmolive dish soap, water and a Magic Eraser sponge. You can see the gloss and grime are gone. I have to wear gloves with a Magic Eraser since it's tough on my skin but it cleans like, I hate to say it, magic. The varnish was the original 1970s finish, not polyurethane.

bathroom cabinet drawer after painted black

I painted the cabinets with black paint, added new knobs from Ikea and the entire project cost less than $50.  I did paint the other 2 cabinet doors but for now I like the look of the open shelves.

I need to let the paint fully dry before I refill the cabinets but I got all this done in a day.

Follow up March 2014:
The paint I used was Blickrylic, economy acrylic polymer from the art store Blick. I painted the kitchen cupboards the same way and both have held up well. I chose this paint because I like the smooth finish and if I want to repaint it's easily accomplished. I found a dried spill on the kitchen cupboards, the surface washed clean but I wouldn't consider it to be a scrubbable surface. The original finish wasn't scrubbable either so that doesn't bother me.

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