Friday, February 1, 2013

Taming Paper Clutter Day 1 Feng Shui

pile of papers

I decided to do a a new project a day for a month. I figured you can do anything for about 30 days and a month gives me enough time to truly explore a subject.

I have a lengthy list of artistic endeavors planned but since my studio is a disaster zone; Feng Shui is in the starting lineup for February. I have a lovely Epson V500 photo scanner that can also scan slides but for some reason I haven't used it for receipts and important papers.  I will be better.

I started by going through 2 grocery bags of receipts from last year, darn tax season, and scanned the ones I need to keep. The IRS is fine with scanned receipts so that's good enough for me. Some stores will only accept original receipts so I am keeping them on a yearly basis in Ikea storage boxes.

The nice thing is, I can look them up more easily in my new tidy folders on the computer. I have all my files saved in multiple backups as well as burned to a disk that is kept with my tax papers. One of the external backups is stored outside my home just in case something happened here.

Many of my receipts are almost unreadable since some stores seem to print the information with self destructing ink.

The file structure is taxes by year, with sub folders for the different categories. Charity items are photographed and stored with their receipts.

Major purchases have their own folders and include instruction sheets. The dogs have their own folders and contain everything from puppy papers to vaccination records. The naming format is year-month-date_dog name_subject. 2013-01-07_Zelda_rabiesCert. I use zero in font of single digit numbers since they are easier to read when everything lines up.

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