Thursday, February 7, 2013

Saving My Wood Floors Day 7 Feng Shui

bottom of chair leg

The wood floors have taken a lot of abuse by the dogs but the biggest problem has been chair scrapes.

I've tried several chair coasters that haven't worked very long but I'm hoping these Magic Sliders I found at the Container Store will be better.

You put the double stick on the slider and affix it to the chair leg. I can't say how well they are working since anything should be good on the first day. The floors need to be refinished but I'm hoping this limits the damage until they can be redone next spring.  The package indicates the sliders shouldn't be used on refinished floors until 4 months have passed.

I know a lot of feng shui is charts and such but to me it's good design, clearing clutter, fixing things that bother you and trying to make your surroundings run smoother.

package of chair sliders

chair slider attached to leg

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