Monday, February 25, 2013

Too Many Books Day 25 Feng Shui

book shelf

I used to use moving as a way to cull books but I've been here a bit too long and the books are taking over.

I have several cases of books throughout the house, heck, they are even stacked on the floor, so some weeding needs to occur. I have so many books I don't remember which ones I own. I found that out when I bought some books that I already own and meant to read. (This happens more frequently than I care to admit.)

Normally I would donate them to the library or sell them at a used bookstore. The bookstore offered me $2 for a stack of pricey design books. I thought it was an error so I brought them to another used bookstore and they offered a $1. Really... I decided to try selling them on Amazon and sold one the same day for $24.50. Booaya! OK, I paid more than $24.50 and the Amazon commission is huge but it's still a lot better than a fraction of $2. I got $93 for an art text book that I paid $125 for. The college bookstore offered me $23.

It's easy to set up a selling account and they transfer the funds to my checking account. I do have to pack the books and ship them but that's easy and you can buy postage online. I did lose money shipping a very heavy, over sized book but as long as the value is over $10 it feels worthwhile. The books valued under $10 I donate.

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