Sunday, February 3, 2013

Prettier Shampoo Bottles Day 3 Feng Shui

5 bottles of shampoo

We have a lot of shampoo and shower gel bottles next to the tub and they have been bothering me.

I went to the Container Store and bought identical translucent plastic bottles. I have some lovely cobalt blue ones left from another project that I would have preferred to use but that seems dangerous. We frequently drop the plastic bottles so glass is not a good choice.

I will keep an eye out for waterproof labels or color coded caps. This will look nicer and keeps everyone on their toes; it's like a bath time quiz.

I'm justifying expanding my feng shui project to the upstairs bathroom since that is my water source. I would love to have a sink in my studio but this works.

5 translucent plastic bottles filled with various colored liquids

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