Thursday, February 28, 2013

Simple Photo Backdrop Day 28 Feng Shui

paper hanging from door over table
I have set up photo areas in my laundry room, dining room and studio. I use them a lot and then they sit for long periods unused.

It's a pain to set them up for a single photo but I don't need the photo area frequently enough to live with mess.

The best natural light in the house is in my studio so it makes sense to stage photos here. I had taken a sheet of paper and clipped it to a bookcase but I couldn't get to my books and people kept bumping the clamps when they walked past.

I had a huge "duh" moment. I almost never close the studio door and it adjoins the bookcase. I attached the heavy white paper to the door and stored a small folding table behind the door.

It's a quick set up for small photos and out of the way when not used.
paper hanging from door

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