Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ikea To The Rescue Day 10 Feng Shui

messy shelves

This corner is a bit of mess. I have 6 styles of cardboard storage boxes; even the white ones are different shades of white with a variety of hardware. Most of the boxes are unmarked and I have no idea what they hold.

I'll keep the painted wood cheese boxes but the cardboard ones need to coordinate. Dum Da Dum, Ikea to the rescue.

I put stuff that I want to photograph and sell (my goal is to get some of my money back) in the white boxes and stored them outside of my studio. They have spiffy new labels and look so much better.

The red boxes were re-purposed to hold hats, lap pool equipment, wallets, and bandannas in my closet. The Christmas themed boxes are going to be given to a woman at my husband's office and map one is going to hold small car junk in my Jeep.

unassembled ikea storage boxes

Ikea had some cardboard boxes that will suit my needs nicely. I really like the look of the natural cardboard.

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