Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tool Box Day 27 Feng Shui

tool box

I had tools in the back of my car, a kitchen drawer, various desk drawers and shelves so I did the easy thing and used my daughter's since her tools are in a handy toolbox. It was becoming embarrassing to keep using her stuff so I went to the hardware store and got one of those fancy, new-fangled tool holders.

top of tool box

The top has one of my favorite items, carabiners.They corral jump drives, hold keys, and dangle off my Jeep bumper for tying objects to the roof.

The other side holds extra screw driver heads, socket and allen wrenches. nails, screws

top insert of tool box

The top tray holds:
a first aid kit, a didn't claim I was adept
bungie cords
assorted tape measures
screw drivers
Dremel bits

tool box full of tools

The bottom contains:

a Leatherman multifunction tool
swiss army knife
a couple of Leatherman type tools

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