Friday, February 15, 2013

Lead Crystal Curtain Day 15 Feng Shui

crystals in a window

The next door neighbor used to be a pleasant woman who was friendly and kind. She eventually relocated and a troll moved in.

He is such a negative person that I put up a wall of lead crystals to break up his energy. This is the only window that faces him and the garage adjoins his property so contact is minimal.

The afternoon sunlight leaves little rainbows throughout my studio.

Some of the crystals were purchased in gift shops over the years and I kept them in a bowl. I was in Lowes and spotted a homely chandelier on clearance and took it apart. Now I have a bead curtain of lead crystal. The crystals are suspended from a small curtain rod.

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  1. Hey there... found you while shopping for a crystal curtain. You sound like the type of influence I need in my life... thanks! :D