Friday, February 22, 2013

Begone Clutter Day 22 Feng Shui

bags of charity merchandise
This is one of the best ways to clutter clear, have a charity service pick it up. These are waiting for the nice driver from Courage Center.

The swim fins work well but I replaced them with better ones that will fit into a carry on suitcase. The ones I donated need to go in checked baggage.

I have some  storage boxes that don't match, clothes that don't fit or don't make me happy. I probably should have taken them to a resale shop but they had too many rules.

The resale shop wanted everything ironed, I have an iron somewhere but I wear my clothes wrinkled. Why would I want to iron them just to send them away? They also wanted everything on wire hangers. I've seen the trailer for Mommie Dearest and I think I know how that turns out.

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