Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Orgainizing Dry Art Supplies Day 6 Feng Shui

containers of art supplies

I am fortunate to have a surplus of handmade pottery and prefer to use items with personal significance rather than purchased items. Most of these pots were done last December by my daughter, I only made 2.

They are on the back left side of my desk and are mostly used when working in my art journal. I used to have them stored in an art cabinet but having them closer should work more efficiently. The contents include Prismacolor markers, Sharpies, Pens, Pitt Pens, Colored Sharpies, Pencils, Watercolor pencils, Staedtler pens, Carbon and Charcoal, Pigma Pens, Color swatches for frequently used printed colors and kneaded erasers.

The print color swatches have the CMYK and Pantone numbers on them. I have Pantone chips stored inside my desk but it's nice to see the Epson printed examples when planning colors. I have an Illustrator file that I can add colors to when I find new combinations that are pleasing. I was surprised how long these took to do but it was time well spent.

containers of art supplies

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