Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wrapping Text Around An Object In Illustrator - How To

close up of text intertwining in illustrator
The way I learned to wrap text around an object was outrageously complicated. You needed to cut and paste sections and nothing ever lined up as well as I wanted. This is too simple.

Convert your text to outlines
Select the text.
Object > Live Paint > Make
Press K for the Live Paint Bucket and touch the cursor to the spot you want to color. You can see where I didn't color the section of the E in the above image.

You can get small ugly lines where the live paint group was created. They don't print but they must go anyways since the fix is also simple. (This can also happen when you Divide objects in Pathfinder)

Enter Isolation Mode by Double Clicking
Use the Magic Wand Tool to select like areas, ie. the grey e since there is a former live paint group across the center. (You can also accomplish this by clicking on each of the segments while holding down Shift.)
Unite the like areas in Pathfinder and the lines vanish.
close up of text intertwining in illustrator

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