Sunday, January 12, 2014

Halftone Rooster in Photoshop - How To

Halftone Rooster in Photoshop - How To
Matt at Design Nocturne has a terrific surreal tutorial on using halftones. There's also another good informative halftone tutorial at Vectips that I've used in Illustrator.
My Notes:

Place photo in Photoshop.

Image Mode > Grayscale
Image > Adjustment > Levels. Move sliders to increase the contrast.

Filter > Pixelate > Color Halftone. I used a max radius of 8.

Remove the background image. I just used a layer mask and a hard black brush.

Delete sub layers and save as a png. I saved it since I wanted to add color and there can be issues with mixing color with greyscale.

Open a new document and fill with f0eede.

Place the rooster png. Blending Mode > Multiply

Place a grunge image. Blending Mode > Multiply

Add a punch of color with the pen tool or paintbrush. Blending Mode > Multiply if you want the halftone dots to show through.

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