Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Transparent Shadowed Face On A Textured Background In Photoshop - How To

I was inspired by a clever movie poster tutorial on Wegraphics. Conor had taken stock images and made a grunge Western movie poster. I was attracted to his photo treatment where the mid tones and dark areas rested on a colored background. The method he used to remove the light tones is very effective.

Washburn Park Water Tower Minneapolis, MN

My Notes:

I started with detail from the super cool Washburn Park Water Tower in Minneapolis, Mn.

Image > Adjustments > Black and White
Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. Brightness 35. Contrast 57.

Color Range > Select a white spot with the white eyedropper. Fuzziness 200. Sampled Colors. Selection is checked.

Select > Inverse
Command C

Open a new document. My background color is ccc0b5.
New layer > paste the image. Command V

Open a new layer underneath the pasted layer.
Choose a darker color. I just left it at Black.
Apply grunge brush textures.
Check Shape Dynamics and Smoothing. Spacing 25%.
Blending Mode > Multiply. Opacity 20%

Light Highlights:
Use a soft brush. Blending Mode > Color Burn. Opacity 13%

Additional Highlights:
Soft Brush. Blending Mode > Hard Light. Opacity 32%

Since I'm simply goofing around, I had no interest in doing a lot more so I simply placed a crumpled paper texture on top of all the layers. Blend Mode > Multiply

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