Friday, January 3, 2014

Tilt Shift Miniature Photography Photoshop Effect - How To

I think the hardest part of doing this photoshop effect is finding a good photo. The best choices seem to be images taken from above, at a distance with lots of small detail. I don't seem to have any photos that that fit the bill well but I try not to let important details like that stop me.

I wish I could give credit but I got bits here and there. The first photo is the original Las Vegas Skyline image, the second is my version of the effect.

Las Vegas Skyline New York New York

Las Vegas Skyline New York New York with tilt shift effect

I tried to make it look like the city was made from toys so the colors are extra vivid. Here are my notes.

Drag the photo into Photoshop.
Command J to duplicate the image.

Bump up the color:
Image > Adjustments > Hue Saturation.
Move the Saturation slider.

Increase contrast:
Image > Adjustments >  Curves
Play with the chart to give it an S curve.

Filter > Convert For Smart Filters
Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. 12 to 18 pixels.
Click on the Layer Mask Icon.
Gradient Tool > choose the Reflected Gradient
With the mask selected, draw a line. Start where you want the image to be the most sharp. You might have to do it a few times to get the blur correct.

The bottom was too clear so I added more Gaussian Blur and used a Layer Mask with a soft brush to remove the excess blur.

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