Friday, January 10, 2014

Scribble Effect Applied To Text In Illustrator - How To

I'm not certain why I bookmarked this tutorial from Vectips; perhaps to remind me of the effects that are seldom used. It's good to kill some time playing with the different effects since they can make life easier.

I'm 10 days in but eliminated 71 bookmarks so far. Hmm... I don't think the math works out. Actually, a lot of the links no longer work; hence my taking notes and not relying on links.
Scribble Effect Applied To Text In Illustrator - How To

This is outrageously simple.

Pick a font, something sturdy.

Effect > Stylize > Scribble. There's a lot of preset choices that you can tweak by moving the slidders.
45% angle. Path Overlap0px. Variation 2 px. Stroke Width 1 px. Curviness 0. Variation 50%. Spacing 2 px. Variation 1.5 px.

If you want an outline, add a stroke to the text. This one is roughened.
Effect > Distort and Transform > Roughen. Options .01. Relative. Detail 10/in. Smooth Points

The effect is editiable in the Appearances Panel.

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