Monday, April 15, 2013

Wassily Kandinsky Inspired Digital Painting Done In Illustrator, Day 15 Modern Artists

kandinsky style illustration made in illustrator

I don't know if Kandinsky's symbols had meaning but mine do.
  • The crossword like grid reminds me of Sudoku puzzles. 
  • The UPC like pattern is, well, UPC codes and their many uses. 
  • The circle near the top left is for my friends that informed me on Facebook that their gardens are starting to bloom. We just had another snowfall so even grass sounds wonderful.
  • The boats remind me of the sailboat stored at the cabin.  
  • The 3 crescents are a reminder to take out the recycling. I never claimed deep, world changing meaning.
  • The stick with a circle and radiating triangle is my fond wish for the ability to create a little sunshine. 
  • The arrow and other circles are for my daughter who is participating in a Zombies vs Humans event on campus. The chosen zombie will try to infect the humans and they defend themselves by throwing socks or shooting Nerf guns. I was a victim of a sock field test. I would have tried to eat her brains at that point but the sock to my eye rendered me senseless for 15 minutes. I think being an armed human would have been better choice.
 My eldest daughter looked at it and saw a cat. Abstract art, you gotta love it.

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