Friday, April 19, 2013

Robert Rauschenberg Inspired Painting - Day 19 Modern Artists

collage of found objects

I was inspired by Rauschenberg's Combines. He used trash and found objects, these are pieces of my day.
  • The artist palette is a foam tray that Chinese cucumbers came on. 
  • The green tea is, well, I think you know...  I like the oriental connection and Trader Joes green tea is epic.
  • Okie dokie, hot dish, uff da and you betcha are Minnesota phrases. I used to deny saying them but when my parakeet, Taxi, started saying it, deniability was lost forever. 
  • My daughter brought home a box of Taco Bell tacos. 
  • The white paint splattered and speckling everything is because we are have a freaking blizzard.
  • The whiskers made of sticks are for the cat snowman in the front yard. Remember, freaking blizzard.

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