Sunday, October 6, 2013

How To Make A Fortune Cookie Fortune Book - Arts and Crafts

finished fortune cookie book
I know it's silly, but I feel I'm tossing the fortune cookie's good wishes away if I don't keep the fortune so I have a vase filled with paper fortunes.

One of my daughters bought a package of pretty gift envelopes which I used for the front and back cover.

making the book cover
Cut the envelope apart.

Glue the decorative envelope to a piece of cardboard and backing paper. Trim the excess.

I used a glue stick.
accordion inserts for book
Score 1 inch wide accordion pleats leaving a gluing tab on the end. A 4 page book would have eight score lines.

The insert is slightly shorter than the cover so the contents fit inside, not flush.
accordion inserts glued into cover
Glue the tab to the covers and cover the tab with an end paper.

Make sure the book moves smoothly by closing it.
back view of accordion book
Glue the pleats together if you don't want the book to open this wide. Gluing the pleats makes the book act more traditionally.
bound fortune cookie fortunes
I didn't want the fortunes to flop around freely so I glued them on the end (the outside edge, not near the center.)

Glue the fortunes to the accordion pleats. Mine are staggered.
finished fortune cookie book
The finished book.

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