Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fortune Cookie Pop-Up Card - Arts and Crafts

Fortune Cookie Pop-Up Card
I have many fortune cookie fortunes so I thought it would be fun to make a pop-up card for one.

I put the fortune cookie image back to back so I'd have a fold line.

I wanted the inside to be brown so I printed the image on kraft paper card stock. A mellower brown would be better.

Fortune Cookie Pop-Up Card
Cut the printed image out. Use the cut out portion as a template for the inside. You will have 2 cut out shapes, one plain paper, the other printed.

Crease inside and outside shapes along the fold line.

Take the inside piece and cut a small tab. Crease the tab so that it can bend in the other direction.

Glue the 2 paper pieces together  being careful not to glue the cut tab. Check that the card closes properly.

Fortune Cookie Pop-Up Card
Glue a fortune to the raised section of the tab. Be careful not to glue it so close that the card won't open and close properly.

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