Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Aluminum Can Dragonfly - Arts and Crafts

aluminum can taped to cardboard
I have a huge pile of to do projects. They defy categories but the list needs thinning.

This aluminum can dragonfly came from Make It Yourself by Christopher Flagg.

Carefully cut the can apart. I taped the metal down on cardboard.

aluminum can dragonfly
I was going to draw a dragonfly but scanned the image from the book and sized the bug to fit the can.

I tried tracing the design by drawing on the paper, hoping to indent the outline on the can. It didn't work well so I cut the shape out and traced the outline on the can with a marker.
aluminum can dragonfly
Bend the area around the wings slightly down and back.

Place an artist paintbrush under the body and curve the body around it, the wider end towards the head.
aluminum can dragonfly
Curl the antenna using a needle nose pliers.

aluminum can dragonfly
I might make more of these and hang them in the woods at the cabin. They remind me of the toys made from recycled materials that you find while traveling.

This is not a toy, the edges are very sharp.

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