Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Trees Vintage Paint By Number Painting - Arts and Crafts

Vintage Paint By Number Painting

Happy Trees Vintage Paint By Number Painting
Some people talk about how soothing Mr Rogers voice is; for me, it's Bob Ross when he expounds on "happy trees." I decorated the cabin several years ago with garage sale art since break-ins are always a possibility for property that you don't occupy regularly. I wanted art work that was not overly dear.

One of my purchases was a paint by number of a deer next to a woodland stream. The above painting was thrown in. I washed it, drew on the letters, and painted happy trees in acrylic paint.

I knew the original was heavily textured but I was wrong, it was downright lumpy. It's very difficult to paint straight, smooth lines on a lumpy surface. I love the new version and the fence posts being in front of the font gives it a lot more dimension. I have another purchased painting stored in the back of the garage that is becoming jealous. I think it wants a new life as slightly quirky art.

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