Monday, August 5, 2013

The Ghost of a Tire Swing - Urban Sketching

ink drawing of an old house with a bare, dead tree.

I put the dog on a leash and we walked out to do some sketching.

My poor 5 pound dog was an intoxicating attraction to the local hounds. We ended up coming back in the Jeep and drew this from the front seat.

Grandma's house has sat empty for years and it should be torn down. The crooked chimney is actually there and it's badly sagging inside and out.

I used to sit in the tire swing and watch Grandpa chopping wood, hoping for one of the uncles to come by and give me a push. Grandma always yelled at them not to push me so high but no one listened.

The page has scratch marks from Buffy becoming jealous and hopping onto to the drawing while I worked. I used a Micron pen for the drawing and a Sharpie to fill in the lines later. A Sharpie is too smelly to use inside a car.

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