Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last Of The Cabin Drawings - Urban Sketching

ink drawing of a boy jumping into a lake
We briefly visited the beach in Osage. The recent record heat caused large quantities of goose poop to float to the surface. I waded out slightly and discovered it was like standing in a green soup filled with diarrhea. Normally the lake is pristine but yuk...

A young boy kept leaping off the diving platform into the little floating clumps, screaming "I'm going to die!"

A dad was digging a new shoreline and commented to his daughter that he preferred duck poop to goose poop. He must have been a connoisseur.
ink drawing of a barn and outbuilding that are falling down
I started drawing this barn shortly before the rain began. The barn looks like it has a few storms left in it but the other building might not support a wet, misplaced duck. It's a good thing they were all busy pooping in Osage.

It was fun to get out and draw but I should have chosen a watercolor journal since this paper buckled under anything other than a light touch of watercolors. A smart person would have switched books but sometimes I'm more stubborn than smart. My timing wasn't the best since I wanted to do more urban subjects but most of the month I was in the suburbs or 20 miles from the nearest small town.

I was disappointed I didn't go to the State Fair Sketching event but 97 degrees with a 105 dew point didn't seem like fun. Now that I know about it, I'll try to go next year.

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